Life Insurance

Online life insurance available through bimabd, covers your risks at your convenience, pay premium until claim or maturity whichever is earlier and receive a sum assured in the unfortunate event of loss of life against deposited premium at maturity. Ensure the risk of an unforeseen event now. Accidents don’t come with a notice.

Personal Plans Include:

  • Term Policy - Coverage for death over a certain period of time.
  • Endowment Policy – payment of bonus at maturity and full sum assured on death.
  • Three Steps Policy – 3 Bonus throughout the payment period.
  • Individual Pension Plan – Personal pension plans for retirement.
  • Family Protection Plan – Family protection through health insurance, disability or death.
  • Child Protection Plan – Savings and insurance in case of accidents for child.
  • Takaful Insurance - a co-operative system of reimbursement or repayment in case of loss, organized as with compliance of the sharia law.
  • Hajj Policy - Hajj policy is a useful way of savings for the purpose of doing Hajj or Umrah. And much more

Corporate Plans Include

  • Pension Policy – Retirement plans or savings during the tenure of the job duration.
  • Group Term Life – Shared insurance plans and coverage.
  • Bank Service Solutions – Insurance for multiple banking services.
  • Tailored Plans – products tailored to the needs of specific organizations.

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